The Professional Comeback Tour: Day One

I bought a skateboard. I have never bought a skateboard with my own money. My parents bought them when I was young, and when I was still young I started getting them for free. So, after deciding what to buy (Rick Howard deck, Royal Trucks, 53mm Girl Wheels; I just saw the video, i'm a fan what can I say?) and remembering how bad of a combination new griptape and new shoes can be, I took to the street. Slide shove-it, frontside shove-it---botched switch heelflip attempt.... "Ow, what the fuck is that?" If there is anything to make you feel old and out of shape it is this: I sprained my ankle the other night at a club. Without going into detail, it involved a 30 year old female lawyer, double Skyy Cape Cods, and 50 Cent. So, I will put the big comeback off another day while I ice (frozen water, not diamonds) my ankle and drink a Newcastle or 8.

The first time I watched the Girl Video was on my laptop, thus not the utmost picture quality. I was confused by the invisible jump ramp shit. Mike Carroll up a handrail, Koston 9 ft. ollie up stairs to noseslide. I thought something had been figured out since the last time I watched a video, like how to outsmart gravity and too many six-packs.

So, the comeback resumes this evening. I am trying to call Kenny Anderson to set up a session. Kenny is one of the most natural skateboarders I have ever seen, and very fun to skate with. I think he is the perfect person to assist me with my comeback, which I have entitled Re-Pro by 2012.