Los Angeles, You Are Too Hot.

I had a very coastal weekend. Yesterday we went sailing, well, kind of. There was no wind whatsoever so we just motored out and sailed around slowly for a bit before dropping the jib and just floating and swimming in the Pacific. But, fun to be on a boat with friends regardless. Today we rode bikes to Craigs and walked to the beach in Venice. I don't think I have been to the ocean two days in a row since I have lived in LA.

On the bike ride home I stopped at a corner to wait for Powers and the Captain and I saw a hippy lady with jewelry for sale. I walked over and noticed that she had a few pins and I asked her how much they were before I looked at the selection. Long story short, I bought a Smiths "The Queen is Dead" pin for fifty cents.

Now I am at home sunburned and exhausted. I am going to try to fall asleep watching the Godfather. Ciao.