Back In The USSA

I am at LAX, the airport not the nightclub. I have been on two planes already today, and I have two more until I reach my final destination. My flight from LAX to Vegas is delayed and I am tired, so forgive any pessimistic overtones in these words. I am happy to be back. It was a long summer. Beijing feels like it was years ago. So does Barcelona actually. But it was one of the most amazing few month stretches of my entire life.

When you are away for so long, it's easy to let little things stack up at home. "I'll take care of it when I get back" has pretty much been the phrase du summer for me. Now I am back and it wasn't 20 minutes after re-activating my American phone that my credit card company called to inform me I must pay them NOW. Welcome home.

And one of my bags is still in Berlin. It somehow has to follow me and end up at my sisters house in Texas. Good luck backpack, see you soon.

I'm glad to be back, and I hope to see all of you soon.