How do you make an umlaut in HTML?

Just Curious. A few weeks ago I took a day trip to Leipzig to see the BMW plant by Zaha Hadid. The architecture was overshadowed by the totally fucking amazing choreographed robot dance that builds the cars. There is an enormous warehouse full of giant robots that quickly build and pass along the car from robot to robot. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I stood staring for a while at the dancing robots and tried to find the perfect song on my iPod for them to be dancing to. I ended up with the new Bjork album; the sounds the robots made kinda sounded like her music anyhow. And, I think I want a BMW now.

We had a few hours to kill around town before the tour. The main thing I wanted to do was to go to Auerbachs Keller, the bar frequented by Goethe in real life, and the fictional first stop of Mephistopheles and Faust. Outside is a statue of Faust that you are supposed to rub the foot of for good luck.

I'm hoping that the good luck translates into much better hair than I was having this week. And goddamn I look serious about Goethe.

The wear of all that rubbing. Like the Buddha's belly in China, I was quick to Purell my hands after this rub. Good hygiene trumps good luck any day.

After the Faust stop (and a beer or few) I had to choose between Bach, Mendelsson or the Stasi Museum. I chose the Stasi. Inside were the most ridiculous costumes and espionage / surveillance tools. Seriously, comical. It is hard to believe that this organization imposed as much fear as they did. The disguises are a complete laugh, if you ever find yourself in Leipzig, you must go.

Not five minutes after I left the Stasi I saw this sign: