I have been hearing good things about Rdio all week. Evidently something happened at SXSW. I am mostly happy with Spotify, with the exception of one thing that is relatively major to me -- the lack of an iPad app. The only time I really have time to organize my playlists and search for new music is when I am traveling, especially on an airplane. 

I love the social aspect of Spotify, I discover a lot of new music from people who have taste that I respect. I just signed up for a Rdio account and saw that only 2 of my 700-ish FB friends are on Rdio. I'm going to give the free trial a shot and report back.

The two major things that are influencing my potential migration from Spotify to Rdio: 

1. iPad app
2. iPad app

Get on it, Spotify. 

*Update: The trial version doesn't allow me to test the new interface. The current desktop app feels dated and clunky. I also don't like not being able to add entire albums to a playlist. The iPad app is pretty nice, but I'm not sure if that outweighs the clunky interface for me. I think I'll wait until the new Rdio is released to all.

In15 minutes I was unable to find a song that one service had and the other did not, though there are still several that I was unable to find on either.