The New iPad

I'm in Texas spending time with my mother as she recovers from back surgery. I am kicked out of the room during shift change and I usually pass the time by walking to the gigantic mall across the street to feed my burgeoning sock buying obsession. Yesterday I went in to the Apple Store to check out the new iPad. First observation was "holy shit they are pushing this thing hard." The store was about 75% iPads, and it was a gigantic (everything's bigger in Te...) store.

I am on a pretty strict "every other iOS device" rotation which so far has worked out just fine, so I had no plans to buy the new one. I suppose I could break my buying pattern if I was knocked off of my feet by a new device.

So, I looked at one.

The retina display is nice, no doubt. But I have never felt the display on my iPad 2 is what is lacking. Im typing this right now on my iPad 2, and the text is rendered beautifully. I think the retina display is a fantastic upgrade, but in no way warrants trading in my current iPad.

What would warrant that for me?

Easy, better input for drawing. I use Sketchbook Pro, Penultimate and a few other apps that are really good, but it doesn't change the fact that the iPad just isn't that great for drawing. Though I love books, there are a million ways that reading on my iPad is better than reading a traditional book. However, drawing on the iPad is like using an oversize crayon to do a technical drawing. I've tried a fancy stylus, I've tried my finger; it's decent (at best) for sketching out an idea. I assume Apple is working on this, but I would definitely have preferred upgrades on the creation side over the consumption. The iPad is already the best device for consumption that has ever existed.

It's getting better as a design tool, but still has a long way to go.