Fiat Don't Fail Me Now

I went to Texas, well, Arkansas actually, in the Fiat a couple weeks ago. I feel like I am always scouting cities and towns to move to Some Day. Observations from the trip:

  • Arkansas & Oklahoma are the most beautiful places I could never live. I saw a little pond in a clearing in the forest that was the most idyllic scene I have seen in years in Arkansas. Unfortunately, people.
  • AT&T 4G coverage is way better on the 10 than the 40. I only had 2 short outages on the 10 when I was super close to Mexico before and after El Paso. On the 40 I had outages more than half of the time. Don't get your Netflix on Route 66, or something else that rhymes with "kicks."
  • Albuquerque is awesome. I could live there. A fun minor league baseball team, an architecture program, outdoorsy stuff, and great food. It was by far my favorite stopover of the trip.
  • I didn't go to Marfa. I stayed in Van Horn in a hotel designed by the same architect who designed the Paisano in Marfa. It was difficult not to turn right off the freeway and drive the extra hour to go to Marfa. Next time.
  • I have done this solo drive probably 50-60 times in my life. It's just part of who I am now.
  • My dad is an awesome man.

A few thousand words: