Cycling makes you fat.

I want to wear this.

I want to wear this.


This is the first time (in my adult life) that I have ridden a bike more miles in a month than I have driven a car, which is the primary goal of doing this tracking exercise. A secondary goal is to walk more miles than I drive, but the miles just pile up when you get into the car to go to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. Perhaps that will change when we get a Whole Foods Downtown in a couple months.

Despite all the biking and walking, I put on 4 pounds. I fell into "I deserve it" mode after long days on the bike or on foot and binged on a dozen cookies or whatever. I know that it takes some time to lose weight cycling and muscle weighs more than fat and all that, but this was definitely the cookies. Now I am back to calorie-counting and exercising at the gym. 


Downtown institutions should encourage visitors to arrive by modes other than the automobile. Some do, some don't. The other day I wanted ride my bike to MOCA, so I went to their site to check bike parking information and found nothing other than how/where to park cars. With bikeshare coming and too many cars down here already, we really need to start making cycling/walking the norm. Let's make it difficult to find automobile parking on the website.

I walked by the Grand Ave. location on one of my dog walks to check the bike rack situation and saw no safe-seeming, off-street parking. I hear the Broad has great bike parking facilities. Step it up, MOCA.


I rode my road bike for the first time in a couple of weeks and it felt so awesome. On flat stretches it feels roughly the same as my computer, but on climbs and descents it's a whole different ballgame. I am planning some longer rides with friends now. I really need more friends. who ride bikes.